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Hello Survivors!

Hello there and welcome to our ARK cluster that runs since 2016! Choose your favorite map and get started! –>

PvEvP Explanation:

  • Structures are -immune- to player damage.
  • You can kill players and dinos.
  • Friendly fire is off.
  • We don’t want you to loose hours of grind.
  • Very slow decay (stone decays in aprx. 6 months when not visited)


  • All canon maps in a cluster.
  • Autoupdate with warnings!
  • Automatic restart at crash!
  • Saves every 20m!
  • “Fortunes” – Some citations from time to time to cheer you up!
  • Max player level 120!
  • 160 Player Slots!
  • Raw sockets (better network performance)
  • Personally hosted – on powerful hardware. Up to 5×160 players.
  • Admin logging
  • Botadmin – A bot that can change day/night and restart the instance for you based on a active player voting system.


  • AMD Threadripper 1920x (24 Threads up to 4Ghz)
  • 128GB 2400 cl15 RAM
  • Mirrored RAID with monthly backup.
  • Enough upstream bandwith to support 5x 160 players!


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