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I’d like to have a copy of the savegame or my character.

Contact me on steam or ingame (Nexolight/Clane). I can send you a copy. However please tell me the reason since it could be an unfair advantage in PvP when one is able to load the save locally just for this purpose.

I missplaced an expensive structure!

You may try to contact one of the admins. However don’t¬†do that for every thach wall – you know what I mean ūüėČ

I lost my dino because of a bug, not announced restart or crash!

Contact one of the admins ingame. We usually replace your loss as long as you’re honest about that.


Mod version missmatch!

People on google will keep telling you that the server mod version is outdated. However it’s not. The server updates all the mods as soon as they are released and sometimes steam does not for your client. For me it helps to unsubscribe and resubscribe the mod (find the one with the latest update date).

It may also help to delete the local mods:


and let the game redownload them by joining the server.

Something is overpowered / underpowered!

This is a private server with some mods and balance in mind. The discussion is always open, and when the majority of the community thinks about it in the same way like you then I will change that. Also I won’t add any fancy mod. To many mods cause a timeout (while downloading the mods) and this would keep new players away from the server.


Can the server handle large structures?

Yes it does!

it’s more a client side problem when you get fps drops or something like that. The server only hangs for a few seconds when you connect a huge pipe network (like really huge) once.
We turned up the settings with the max structures in range and it’s intentioned to not have a limit for normal buildings. Rafts/Platforms are another thing.


What hardware is used?

Honestly? I better don’t tell you.
Servers are not quite cheap and if they are they may lag at some point.
The current solution may not be enough if more players join.

I’m however ok with buying new hardware if this becomes a requirement.