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How to find us

There are multiple ways to join our server.

Use the direct join buttons on the webpage:

  • See the upper right corner.

Use the internal server browser in ARK and search for:

  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – Ragnarok
  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – Aberration
  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – Scorched Earth
  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – The Island
  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – The Center
  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – Valguero
  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – Extinction
  • Port Tortuga LTS – [PvPvE|5x Cluster|DE] – Genesis

Use steam and add our server by:

  1. Open the steam main window (where the library is)
  2. Go to “view” in the top left corner
  3. Select “server”
  4. On the tab “favorites” click “add server”
  5. Enter one of these
    1. (Ragnarok LTS)
    2. (Aberration LTS)
    3. (Scorched Earth LTS)
    4. (The Island LTS)
    5. (The Center LTS)
    6. (Valguero LTS)
    7. (Extinction LTS)
    8. (Genesis LTS)
  6. Select the ARK from the list
  7. The server is visible in steam and under favorites in ARK itself from now on. However joining via ARK is the preffered option since it doesn’t work each time through steam.

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