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Server history


I will note each known server issue or planned updates here in order to make the reliability transparent. Please keep in mind that when this page here is not available anymore the server most likely crashed and I cannot do anything before I’m physically there. I’m unable to interract with the server before 23:00.

08.08.2019 – Valguero added to the LTS cluster

Another map, the 6th by now, is now available in the Long Term Support cluster

06.08.2019 – Shutdown of the 100x servers

These servers were initially an experiment but persisted for way longer than planed. After an announcement the servers were shut down 6 months later.

27.03.2018 – Collaboration with toxicdragonz (ended later on)

Since it’s too much for one person to keep the server up and also build a community we’re now a collaboration out of 3 Admins responsible for specific tasks.

24.02.2018 – 25.02.2018 (Mod Issue)

The mod author of NPC Bush people removed his mod out of sudden which was undetected as I was busy setting up the new hardware.

17.02.2018 ARK Reboot

After long silence and an empty center map I decided to reopen the server. Now as a cluster with 3 maps since I can’t support more than this with the current hardware. Time or the amount of players may change this.

26.11.2016 – 28.11.2016 (Mod Issue)

The mod author of the cute hair mod moved his mod to a new id which caused that a few players could not login anymore.

14.11.2016 ~10:00 – 14.11.2016 ~15:00 (Provider service)

Can’t do much about it. They had to replace a few cables in the building.

30.10.2016 19:05 – 01.11.2016 01:10


The Ark Customizer which is a bugfix for overriding item costs got a fancy update and this fancy update replaced the old mod id which was used here and did not work. I switched to the splitted version of the mod which is fine.

Update 248.0 – 23.10.2016 21:38 (Official update issue)

Note: v248.0 did a one-time reset of INI’s, including custom Server INI’s. We’re very sorry for this, it won’t happen again! We will be modifying the engine source to not clobber user INI’s when a base INI changes!

Note on this from the Administration: I noticed it a few days later since no one reported it to me. Should be fixed now. Luckily the settings are exposed to the public here.

03.10.2016 1:59 – 23:44 (Mod issue)

An update from eighter better lights, The ptera/ tapa hybrid, glass metal or scrotched earth mod caused to reset all mod engrams and they are unlearnable by now. However removing them would be some kind of roulette and players might loose structures or their dragons / tapajis. For the moment I will wait a few days and hope that the autor fixes it. It was reported to all 4 authors today.

Edit: It was caused by the pteranodon hybrid. Had to remove it which wasn’t a big deal since no one here owns one so far.

18.08.2016 00:05 – 10:00 (Downtime)

Sorry my bad. The server did not came up after the backups were finished. Not sure what the cause was and it took some time to notice that (was asleep).

07.09.2016 – 08.09.2016 (Multiple crashes)

The dynamic color mod seems to be not that clean as I tought and caused these server crashes as soon as someone was near a beaver spot. The mod isn’t updated fast enough and brings a risk of loosing all the tamed dinos when one day the dev would stop supporting it. So we better act soon as late and remove this mod. I will replace all lost dinos due the removal of the mod.

06.09.2016 07:48 – 10:00 (freeze)

Host server freeze. Reason not yet known.

Edit: The very only log entry I have when the host freezes is rsyslogd starting up (again). That’s pathetic but well I guess I will replace it. with something less reliable.

04.09.2016 ~ 16:00 – 22:00 (Broken mods)

The mod “stats bars” which is removed by now caused after an update at the same day that no mod engram was learnable anymore. I had a hard time to figute out what the cause was. A few server restarts were done during this time.

02.09.2016 00:30 – 00:35 (issue)

Server crash with signal 11 (SIGSEGV aka segmentation fault). This is caused by some bugs in the code provided by epic games. Pretty sure the update 246.0 caused that and probably other server may have issues as well.

I wrote a script which will restart the server within 1 minute after it’s gone plus set the savegame intervall down to 7 minutes.

30.08.2016 ~15:00 – 23:00 (Issue)

The domain seller changed it’s API to update dynamic IP addresses which caused the responsible script to fail to update it. pointed to nowhere.

29.08.2016 ~ 07:14 – 23:00 (freeze)

Host server freeze: reason not yet known; Probably related to lacking hardware which is upgraded by now.

21.08.2016 (Server launch)